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Service is the most important department in the organization with factory trained engineers and technicians supported by Mobile Service Vans, latest diagnosis software, hi-tech tools & equipment's. 24 hrs. hotline numbers are allotted for all your service requirements.

Fuel Injection Engineering

Testing and repairs are undertaken at our fully equipped workshop facilities by our own highly skilled technicians. Using the latest test bench equipment, we can test and calibrate to the relevant manufacturers specifications. We diagnose, service, repair and maintain all diesel injectors. Our workshops are regularly updated with the latest and most sophisticated servicing machinery available in the market. Our technicians provide genuine, honest down-to-earth advice about your diesel applications with a genuine passion for getting the best performance and reliability from your diesel fuel injector.

Diesel Fuel Injection Systems - Maintenance & Repairs
Diagnostics and Repair
Fuel Pump Modifications
Fuel pump & injector reconditioning
Fuel injector cleaning


Electricals (Heavy Auto Electricals)

From our well established electrical workshop facilities we can offer testing and repairs to all types of auto electrical equipment, including starter motors, alternators, DC motors and other electrical automotive units. Our experienced technicians provide free testing for starter motors and alternators as well carrying out repairs if possible. You'll also benefit from being able to choose from high quality parts as well as second hand parts if you're restricted by a budget.

Having a great deal of experience with repairing and reconditioning heavy-duty alternators, we are extremely capable of restoring large and small dynamos. We can supply a comprehensive range of new and exchange starter motors, alternators and DC motors from a wide selection of manufacturers as well as their component parts.


Auto Air-conditioning

We are specialized in Auto Air Conditioning and Heating Systems on all vehicles. You will be hard-pressed to find a vehicle for which we do not have a part. We are your one stop shop for all your vehicle's AC needs.

Our experienced staff will be able to carry out electrical & air conditioning services for your heavy vehicle, truck, trailer, caravan, motorhome & heavy equipment. Saving you money & time!!!

Our customers are diverse- from Bus, RV and Off-Road Equipment to Semi-Trucks , Construction, Forklifts, Farming and Agricultural equipment, we go out of our way to customize A/C solutions to meet your specific needs


Radiators and Heat Exchanger Solutions

We offer Radiator Servicing Refurbishment, New Radiator manufacturing also we offer new replacement complete radiators at competitive prices and with short lead times. We stock exchange radiators for Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, Cummins, Waukesha, and many others.

We can perform many repairs to industrial radiators. They include, Replacing plastic or brass tanks. Custom building steel, aluminum or stainless steel bolt on tanks, Complete new hardware kits, repairing tube damage in brass and aluminum cores, replacing filler necks and hose connections, Replacement of in-tank oil coolers & Cleaning cores plugged with grass, grease and mud.


Winding, Rewinding & Repair Services

Planet Engineering offers a comprehensive maintenance and repair service for generator and alternator rewinds and repairs. Our team are available 7 days a week; providing you with the peace of mind that we are ready for critical breakdown situations.

Our rewinding procedures are fast, efficient and employ the latest available testing equipment, while using only the highest quality materials. Over the years, we have developed and improved our rewind and repair department to deal with all imaginable customer needs. We offer repair and rewind service for all of which require a unique service. With our highly skilled technical team, we can meet these requirements by supporting your management team. We specialize in rewinds and overhauls to AC and DC Electric Motors. We can repair air-conditioning motors, forklift D.C electric motors, generators, pumps, cranes, hoists, exhaust fans, extraction fans, cooling tower electric motors and many more.


Spare Parts

Genuine spare parts for products which we dealing for and all other leading brands like, Perkins, John Deer, Volvo Penta, Cummins, Cater Piller, Donaldson, Baldwin etc.

We also supply spare parts of fuel injection pump, starting motor, alternator , heavy auto air-conditioning and electricals.

Our team of experienced advisors can help you identify everything from genuine parts, everyday service filters to engine components to alternator parts. We hold a large stock of parts.


On-site and Workshop Services

Service is the most important department in the organization with factory trained engineers and technicians supported by Mobile Service Vans, latest diagnosis software, hi-tech tools & equipment’s. 24 hrs. hotline numbers are allotted for all your service requirements.

Our workshop facility includes Engine Re-Building, Fuel Injection Engineering and all other repairs & services for Power Generator sets, Air Compressors, Fuel Pump, Charging Alternator, Starter Motor and Heavy Auto Air-conditioning Units.

Annual Maintenance Contracts are available at very attractive terms and prices to all our valued clients.


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