Winding, Rewinding & Repair Services

Planet Engineering offers a comprehensive maintenance and repair service for generator and alternator rewinds and repairs. Our team are available 7 days a week; providing you with the peace of mind that we are ready for critical breakdown situations.

Our rewinding procedures are fast, efficient and employ the latest available testing equipment, while using only the highest quality materials. Over the years, we have developed and improved our rewind and repair department to deal with all imaginable customer needs. We offer repair and rewind service for all of which require a unique service. With our highly skilled technical team, we can meet these requirements by supporting your management team. We specialize in rewinds and overhauls to AC and DC Electric Motors. We can repair air-conditioning motors, forklift D.C electric motors, generators, pumps, cranes, hoists, exhaust fans, extraction fans, cooling tower electric motors and many more.


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